2013 Competition

The Education Art Prize 2013



In his own words, Ian Cook is “the guy behind the paint splattered glasses and the one who paints artworks with radio controlled cars, actual car tyres and toy car wheels”.

Apparently Ian’s inspiration for the new way of getting paint to paper came about for a number of reasons: he is a big car enthusiast, who trained as an artist, and was bought a radio controlled car for a Christmas present and was told “not to take it down my studio, and not to get paint on it”…(lightbulb moment).  So like any bloke would – he listened to a bit of that conversation.

Four years later, having created artwork the size of a three storey building, painted with real cars and travelled to different parts of the globe with a suitcase full of paint covered cars, he’s still going strong!

Ian Cook and Specialist Crafts

Ian has worked with Specialist Crafts over the last 3 years in the Specialist Workshops, where a group of teachers become students for the day and get hands on with renowned artists.  His workshops are great fun and truly inspirational, and have provided many teachers and technicians with brand new ways of getting paint to paper.  He opens the mind to what is possible with everyday items.

Having seen such a positive reaction to Ian and his work, he was our obvious choice for the Education Art Prize 2013 competition.

He is an enthusiastic teacher and will bring energy and excitement into any school he visits.  He is a great ambassador for art education at a level students can relate to, and his use of all social media channels means that he really does communicate brilliantly.

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