About Sarah

Sarah Taylor – Contemporary British Wildlife Artist based in Cumbria, UK.

Sarah Taylor is a contemporary wildlife artist based on the western coast of the English Lake District. Her distinctive graphic style plays with the juxtaposition of geometric pattern and fluid marks, to create an engaging and lively painting that still retains a sense of realism.  

Sarah has a degree in photography from Nottingham Trent University and is clearly heavily influenced by her earlier career as a graphic designer and illustrator. Sarah exhibits as a wildlife artist in galleries around Cumbria and southern Scotland and has work in private collections in Europe, Australasia and the United States. 

Sarah’s unique blend of colourful splashes and intricate geometric patterns intertwine beautifully to create eye-catching animal paintings that make you smile. Whether you’re a birdwatcher, bee enthusiast, passionate about pandas or Zeus, King of Goats has caught your eye, one of Sarah’s vivid and vivacious animal paintings is sure to transform your entire room.

For more information about Sarah please visit here website.