How to Enter


‘In my own practice I have researched embroidery, pattern, carpet design and lace and floral textiles. I believe that the most innovative work emanates from a synthesis of historical and contemporary sources.’

‘The history of textiles provides a rich contextual backdrop to explore. Textiles record all the important stages of our lives; they are indelibly linked to birth, marriage, travel, homemaking, death, politics, all aspects of what it is to be human. They literally chart our passage through life’

Criteria for entry into the competition:

· Research your heritage and develop a mixed-media piece based on any historical textile.
This can be an object, item of clothing, image, functional, expressive or decorative item from any cultural background.
(Other possibilities might include a drawing, photograph, technique or instructional image of a textile e.g. knitting, dress or lace pattern.)

· There are no restrictions on size, media or combinations of media for your response e.g. embroidery into a photograph or knitting with wire.

· The emphasis should be on your own interpretation and not replication.

Terms and Conditions:

· This prestigious competition is open to all schools and invites students up to (and including) the age of 18, to submit their work.

· All entries must be original works of art; facsimiles of existing artworks will not be accepted.

· Clear evidence of personal research or a workbook should be available so that we can understand the inspiration and how the idea was developed.

· The deadline for receiving entries is 30th April 2021.

· All entries will be judged by Michael Brennand-Wood, with the help of the team from Specialist Crafts.

· From the initial entries, a shortlist will be compiled. Those entries on the shortlist may be asked to provide further images and workbook evidence so we can judge all entries in more detail.

· A list of 10 finalists will then be announced by 31st May 2021.

· Where group entries are submitted, only one pupil and one teacher per school can take part in the Finalists’ Workshop.

Work must be supplied as a digital image in a suitable file format e.g. jpg.

By entering the competition you agree to Specialist Crafts using the artwork in promotional materials.

There is no limit to the amount of entries that can be submitted per school.

Please submit your entries to: