The Artist in You TV Series

The Artist in You

Mixed Media Art really is for everyone. There are no conventions, much less rules. You can go crazy with colour or get personal with mementoes – you can make pieces with vibrant, singing hues to decorate a room or turn your attention to furniture and even a guitar, as the series will show.

The Artist in You is all about mixed media, but it’s also about people. It’s about shaking off the ‘I just can’t do that’ syndrome that so many of us developed in childhood. It’s about people rediscovering the sheer pleasure and satisfaction of creating piece of work.

Jenny Muncaster is a British artist with a passion for mixed media. She demonstrates at art shows all over Europe and she’s also a natural presenter with contagious enthusiasm and a highly engaging style. But Jenny has something more – that indefinable ability that makes people want to emulate what they see her do. She makes it so accessible. She makes it so they see something wonderful that they can do.

That’s what the series is about. Twelve totally absorbing episodes featuring very different projects in locations from windswept Exmoor to the Kent Coast and quite a lot in between. Indeed, one episode is about how Jenny completes a commission for Raymond Blanc, one of Jenny’s collectors and self-confessed ‘fan’. The episode will feature Raymond and will be shot entirely at the world-famous Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons.

Jenny’s personal style is to the fore. Her love of the fifties and sixties – slacks, wide skirts, big patterns and even a Morris Minor convertible are complemented with a strong ‘period’ musicscape which evokes those carefree days when anything seemed possible. It’s ‘How To’. It’s ‘Arts and Crafts’. It’s ‘Lifestyle’. Above all, it’s feelgood.

Dispense with all preconceptions you may have of an artist droning on whilst standing at an easel with some oils or watercolours. The Artist in You is set to re-invigorate the genre at a time when arts and crafts are finding new popularity and market traction not just in the UK and Europe , but all over the world.

The Artist in You will be distributed worldwide by Espresso TV: