2014 Competition – The Commission


Tony has been working with the staff at Specialist Crafts to produce a fabulous piece to take centre stage in our Office. Everyone from the Forklift Driver to the Managing Director was involved to show you just one of Tony’s inspirational ideas.

Step 1 – The Photography Shoot!

With camera in hand, our Creative Manager Sarah scoured the Specialist Crafts office for some inspiring movers and shakers. There were the odd shy and retiring types who couldn’t be cajoled into silly poses, then there were the others who couldn’t wait. See what you think of our hard working Team…

img_0908-225x300 img_0859-225x300 img_0789-225x300 img_0893-225x300

img_0899-300x225 img_0829-300x225 img_0861-300x225

Step 2 – The Printing Session

Armed with their photos, the Specialist Crafts staff proved willing and (more or less) able to produce a combination of screen and mono-printed pieces. It certainly made a welcome break to the daily routine.

Make sure you watch the video to see the magnificent finished piece Tony made with our artwork by combining traditional and contemporary processes.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqlpGrxrTqk

specialist-crafts-035 specialist-crafts-356 specialist-crafts-725 specialist-crafts-6441 specialist-crafts-845 specialist-crafts-382

Step 3 – The Finished Piece

Taking pride of place in our office.