Keith Brymer Jones Pottery Tips

Every month Keith Brymer Jones will be lending us his expertise, offering tips on how to get the most from your pottery projects. Keep checking back for more top tips from the nation’s favourite master potter.


June’s Tip

When firing biscuit ware, always give the kiln a soak at its top temperature (soak meaning … soaking the kiln chamber with heat). This burns off any carbon thus producing a cleaner biscuit.

May’s Tip

Prevent clay tiles from curling during the drying process by rolling the clay on an absorbent surface such as MDF or cloth. Cut the tile to size and remove the excess. Leave the tile alone until the leather-hard stage when it’s safer to handle without distorting the tile.

April’s Tip

When working with different clays, always wash work benches down to avoid contamination. This is especially important if one is working with earthenware followed by stoneware or porcelain body.

March’s Tip

Don’t have access to a kiln? Air-drying clay contains small nylon fibres to add structural strength. This means they are less fragile than standard unfired clay and don’t have to be kiln fired. Decorate the pieces with acrylic paint and get some great results.

February’s Tip

When working with porcelain, after applying handles, always cover the piece up for a day for both pieces of clay to dry out at the same rate.

January’s Tip

When preparing handles created from porcelain, always pre-shape first! Porcelain has a troublesome tendency to crack and pull away when two pieces are attached together. By pre-shaping porcelain handles, the handles have a chance to dry out slightly in their new shape before they’re applied to the body, therefore less likely to crack or pull away.